The ServSafe Manager Certification exam is difficult. The test consists of 90 questions drawn from the following 7 categories:

  1. Food Safety Practices
  2. Hygiene and Health
  3. Safe Receiving, Storing, Transferring and Disposal of food
  4. Safe Food Cooking and Preparation
  5. Safe Food Service and Display
  6. Cleanliness and Sanitation
  7. Facilities and Equipment

Utah Food Certification is a premier Food Handler certification courses in person and online.  We also have a free study material for the ServSafe Manager Certification exam. If you would like the study material, please provide a name and email address, and we will send you the study materials.



State Food Codes usually require food service establishments have a minimum of one full-time Certified Food Safety Manager for each establishment.  Though some states allow that requirement to be met by a “Demonstration of Knowledge,” more often individuals must pass one of the four ANSI approved exams, ServSafe, NRFSP, Learn2Serve and Prometric.